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College Library

RKD Women Degree College has a well stocked library enabling the students to enrich their knowledge base. The students can get course material as well as reference books on various topics on Art & Science. Libraries at RKD Women Degree College also subscribes to various Art magazines to help the students keep an eye on the latest research and General Knowlege in the field of art & science.

College Cafeteria

At RKD Women Degree College a well furnished cafeteria is established to enable to students to not only get good refreshment but to provide an opportunity to the students to meet other students, discuss their ideas; thus enriching their knowledge base.

College Computer lab

The computer laboratory is equipped with about 20 systems, all interconnected with a central system. The systems consist of the latest technologies and high speed. All the systems have the requisite softwares loaded, to help the students to analyse their research and practical work. The students are allowed to access the systems beyond class hours.

College Hostel

The institute about to provides city based off-campus hostel facility separately for Boys and Girls at khaga with all required facilities including group medical insurance. The distance of the Hostel from fatehpur Railway or Bus Station is about 5 Km and college campus is about 12 Km.

The hostel rooms at RKD Women Degree College will be well ventilated and spacious. The inmates are provided hygienically prepared, nutritious, palatable food. The hostel has round the clock water supply. The inmates are provided with clean drinking water. The hostel has 24 hours electricity backup. At the hostel the inmates are provided various amenities.

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